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Food Truck Feast: Sampling Local Flavors in Kissimmee


United States’ appetite for street food is continuously growing. And in turn, it’s diversifying the country’s culinary landscape, one food truck at a time. The city of Kissimmee in Florida is no exception, showcasing a vibrant array of mobile cuisine, local flavors, and culturally rich dishes from its food truck community. Join us on a delectable journey of the Food Truck Feast: Sampling Local Flavors in Kissimmee.

The Evolution of Food Trucks in Kissimmee

  • American Nostalgia: The food truck trend harks back to the days of old-time chuck wagons and pushcarts. Today, they have transformed into mobile food havens serving up much more than hot dogs and ice cream.
  • Culinary Creativity: Food trucks present an opportunity for chefs to experiment with diverse cuisines, infusing local flavors with global inspirations to create unique and adventurous fare.
  • Communal Experience: Beyond serving delicious snacks and meals, food trucks bring together communities, fostering a shared dining experience in local parks, open markets, and festivals.

Discover Kissimmee’s Top Food Trucks

Journey through the streets of Kissimmee, and you’ll be spoiled for choice. Here are some standouts you cannot afford to miss:

  • The Crepe Company: This food truck offers an exotic twist to a popular French classic, dishing out crepes filled with local ingredients.
  • La Empanada Food Truck: This food truck delivers a taste of Latin American with their mouthwatering variety of empanadas.
  • Willy T’s Crab Shack: A seafood lover’s dream, this food truck serves the freshest Florida crab catch.
  • SMAC Food Truck: It offers an array of gourmet mac & cheese options, offering a comfort-food fix that’s hard to beat.

The Impact of Local Flavors in Food Truck Cuisine

The local flavors of Kissimmee have a significant influence on the food truck cuisine in the city. Let’s explore how:

  • Seafood Delights: Proximity to the Florida coastline allows food trucks to tap into the freshest seafood, incorporating them into their offerings.
  • Citrus Infusion: Florida’s famous citrus groves inspire many food truck chefs, infusing dishes with zesty undertones.
  • Cuban Influence: The strong presence of Latin American community in Florida has reshaped Kissimmee’s food truck cuisine, with Cuban sandwiches and empanadas becoming staples.
  • Alligator Bites: Some food trucks even dare to serve alligator meat, a nod to Florida’s ubiquitous reptile.

Food Truck Events in Kissimmee

  • Food Truck Fridays: Occurring monthly, Food Truck Fridays host a range of food trucks to choose from, accompanied by live music and games.
  • Kissimmee Food Truck Rodeo: This semi-annual event brings together culinary delights from across the state, making it a must-visit event for food enthusiasts.
  • Kowtown Festival: A celebration of Kissimmee’s heritage, this annual festival is accompanied by food trucks serving traditional Floridian fare.
  • World Food Festival: Offering a smorgasbord of international cuisine, this food truck event showcases the culinary diversity of Kissimmee.


The food truck community in Kissimmee brings together authentic flavors and dishes by leveraging the city’s diverse culture and rich local produce. This thriving scene showcases not just the city’s culinary prowess, but also its sense of community and passion for food. Next time you’re in Kissimmee, explore its streets and biting into its culture, literally, one food truck at a time!