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Tasting Kissimmee: Embarking on a Culinary Adventure

Kissimmee culinary experiences


Taking you on a gastronomic journey through the culinary offerings of a city, Tasting Kissimmee invites you to embark on a culinary adventure like no other. Located in the heart of Florida, Kissimmee is a hub of cultures and flavors that radiate the warmth of the Sunshine State. From gourmet restaurants to quirky food trucks, the city is beaming with an assortment of delightful food experiences waiting to be discovered.

Culinary Hotspots in Kissimmee

Kissimmee offers a plethora of dining options, each one guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds in a unique way. A few noteworthy ones include:

  • Celebration Town Tavern: A family-owned gem offering a mouth-watering selection of seafood dishes like the Boston Lobster Feast.
  • Columbia Restaurant: This iconic Spanish restaurant tempts patrons with its flavorful tapas and refreshing sangrias.
  • King O Falafel: An exotic Mediterranean hotspot known for its savory falafels and shawarma plates.
  • Old Hickory Steakhouse: A must-visit for meat lovers where the steaks are aged, hand-cut, and cooked to perfection.

Diverse Food Experiences

Beyond its fancy restaurants, Kissimmee offers a variety of quintessential food experiences to fully engage with its vibrant atmosphere and culture.

  • Food Truck Rallies: Witness the city’s eclectic food scene on wheels. These food trucks offer an array of delicacies, from gourmet burgers to decadent cupcakes.
  • Local Farmer’s Markets: Stroll through local markets and savor the taste of fresh, locally sourced products, straight from the farm to your plate.
  • Culinary Tours: Join a food tour to explore various neighborhoods and sample their culinary offerings, coupled with an insight into their history and heritage.
  • Cooking Classes: Learn the art of cooking local dishes with local chefs, immersing you in the true essence of Kissimmee’s culinary scene.

Themed Restaurants

Kissimmee is home to a series of themed restaurants that offer a brilliant combination of food and entertainment.

  • Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament: Immerse yourself in a dinner show that transports you back to the middle ages, complete with knights and horses.
  • Capone’s Dinner & Show: Dive into the 1930s gangster world with a dinner show inspired by Al Capone.
  • Disney’s Be Our Guest: Nestled within the Magic Kingdom, this restaurant takes you into the enchanting world of Beauty and the Beast.
  • The Edison: Step into the industrial gothic world of the 1920s, filled with innovative cocktails and American food.

Special Dietary Offerings

Kissimmee is also a haven for those with specialist diets, with a range of dining options to cater to all requirements.

  • Vegan and vegetarian restaurants: Plant-based cuisine has never been tastier with a plethora of restaurants serving up creative vegan and vegetarian dishes.
  • Gluten-free restaurants: Serving delicious gluten-free options without compromising taste or variety.
  • Health-centric restaurants: Focus on all-natural, organic ingredients, perfect for the health-conscious foodie.


Embarking on a culinary adventure in Kissimmee is a sensory experience that takes you on a gastronomic journey through a myriad of tastes and cultures. Whether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool foodie or just someone who appreciates a good meal, Kissimmee offers a culinary landscape that invites exploration and enjoyment. So, pack your appetite and let the taste of Kissimmee lure you into its captivating world of flavors, textures, and unforgettable dining experiences!

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