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Street Eats Paradise: Best Food Trucks in Kissimmee

Greetings and welcome to Street Eats Food Trucks Heaven, your one-stop shop for finding Kissimmee’s greatest food trucks! Tucked away in the center of Central Florida, Kissimmee has a thriving food truck industry that tempts palates with a wide variety of mouthwatering options. These best food trucks in Kissimmee are a must-try whether you’re a local foodie or a tourist looking for unusual culinary experiences.

The Truck from Cuba

Do you yearn for real Cuban flavors? You only need to look at The Cuban Truck. This food truck, which is well-known for its delicious empanadas, tostones, and Cuban sandwiches, offers Kissimmee a taste of Havana. Every mouthful is delightful because of the expertly seasoned meats and fresh seasonings. For an added boost, don’t forget to sample their renowned Cuban coffee!

El Luchador El Jefe

One of the best options for lovers of Mexican food is El Jefe Luchador. Full of flavor, this colorful food truck serves up a variety of tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. The El Jefe Taco, which is their signature dish, is stuffed with succulent beef asada, crisp pico de gallo, and rich avocado salsa. El Jefe Luchador is a popular restaurant that offers a cuisine that appeals to both vegetarians and meat lovers.

The Truck Treehouse

A mainstay of the Kissimmee food truck scene, Treehouse Truck is well-known for its inventive comfort cuisine and gourmet burgers. The burgers are made with premium beef and garnished with unusual items like smoked gouda and truffle aioli. Their mac ‘n’ cheese bits and loaded fries are the ideal side dishes to go with your dinner. For those seeking a filling and substantial dinner, Treehouse Truck is a must-go-to.

Gelato Sweet City

Grab a cool treat from Sweet City Gelato to combat the Florida heat. This food truck provides a delicious assortment of handmade gelato and sorbet created with ingredients acquired locally. There is a flavor for everyone, from traditional vanilla bean to unique mango chili. The ideal way to round off your food truck journey is with their homemade, luscious gelato.

The Nomadic Cook

The Wandering Chef offers a unique blend of international cuisine on Kissimmee’s streets. Foodies keep returning to this food truck because of its creative dishes and rotating menu. The food ideas are tasty and inventive, ranging from Mediterranean-inspired falafel wraps to Korean BBQ tacos. To find out the most recent locations and menu revisions, make sure to follow them on social media.

BBQ Big Belly

Big Belly BBQ is a must-visit for anybody who can’t resist the smokey attraction of barbecue. Tender, flavor-packed, slow-cooked meats are served from this food truck. Perfectly seasoned ribs pulled pork, and brisket are served with traditional sides like baked beans and coleslaw. For those who enjoy a barbecue and are searching for real, delicious food, Big Belly BBQ is a paradise.


Visit Sate House to savor the robust, fiery flavors of Southeast Asia. This food truck offers perfectly grilled marinated beef skewers, specializing in Indonesian satay. State House offers a unique street food experience with classic rice cakes and peanut sauce, plus a variety of beloved Indonesian dishes, making it a popular choice for adventurous diners.

Inverted Plates

Twisted Plates offers a menu that is both familiar and interesting, with a fresh take on classic dishes. This food truck, which is well-known for its creative interpretations of American comfort cuisine, serves up dishes like loaded grilled cheese sandwiches, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, and buffalo chicken tots. For individuals seeking a tasty and enjoyable supper, Twisted Plates is ideal


For those who enjoy street cuisine, Kissimmee’s food truck scene is heaven. These top food trucks offer a wide variety of gastronomic delicacies that are sure to satisfy any need, from sweet gelato sweets to savory Cuban sandwiches. Experience the greatest street cuisine Kissimmee has to offer by visiting these must-try food trucks. For more information and suggestions on the best food trucks in town, keep checking back with Food Trucks Heaven!


What are the usual hours of operation for food trucks in Kissimmee?

Though their hours of operation can vary, most food trucks are available for business during lunch and dinner. They frequently begin serving at 11:00 AM and work through the evening, perhaps closing at 9:00 PM. To find out about the individual food truck’s current locations and hours of operation, it’s a good idea to visit their website or social media accounts.

Do the food trucks in Kissimmee have vegetarian or vegan options?

Sure, there are plenty of food trucks in Kissimmee that serve vegetarian and vegan fare. Plant-based alternatives, including salads, falafel wraps, vegetable tacos, and even vegan treats like sorbet or dairy-free gelato, are frequently available. Every food truck may accommodate dietary needs upon request and typically has vegetarian or vegan alternatives on its menu.

How can I find out, on any given day, the whereabouts of my favorite food trucks?

In Kissimmee, food trucks frequently post updates about their whereabouts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Some also share their daily plans and locations on dedicated apps or websites. The best method to find out where your favorite food trucks are located is to follow them on social media or visit their website frequently.

Is cash preferred, or are credit cards accepted by Kissimmee food trucks?

Many food trucks in Kissimmee accept cash and credit cards, but it’s wise to carry cash as smaller trucks might prefer it.¬†At larger events or food truck gatherings, there can be several trucks taking different payment methods, including mobile payment systems like Google Wallet or Apple Pay.

Can I rent food trucks in Kissimmee for parties or private events?

Yes, a lot of food trucks in Kissimmee provide catering for parties, weddings, corporate gatherings, and private occasions. Some food trucks specialize in one type of food, while others offer a wider selection to suit various palates and dietary needs. For information about menu selections, costs, and availability for your event, it is advisable to get in touch with the food truck directly. Reservations are often needed for food trucks, especially during busy times or event days.